Decatur Trial Lawyer And Advocate Practicing Administrative, Criminal And Immigration Law

Just as life itself can't always be divided into neat compartments, legal matters often overlap from one practice area to another. Many times, one issue triggers additional legal concerns.

For example, an immigrant who faces criminal charges may need to address deportation issues, or an immigrant who is in the United States on a marriage visa may be concerned whether divorce could impact his or her immigration status.

Call on weekends or after hours — Because legal issues can arise at any moment, we are always available to answer your call. For emergencies, please text Ms. Hendrix at 404-590-3334. Contact us at any time and we will respond as quickly as possible. We work to contact families for inmates and immigrant detainees, provide initial legal advice to protect your rights, and assist in your release from jail or help protect your rights in a domestic violence situation.

I am Christina V. Hendrix, founding attorney of the Christina V. Hendrix Law Offices in Decatur, Georgia. I work extensively with individuals and businesses throughout Greater Atlanta on immigration matters, but I am also well-versed in:

  • Criminal defense — Protecting your rights and minimizing the impact of criminal charges as well as handling criminal appeals
  • Administrative law — Representing individuals before professional licensing boards, students and families in school board hearings, families appearing before professional license boards, zoning hearings, Georgia Division of Family and Child Services (DFCS) and businesses in various liquor licensing and other hearings

Committed To Our Clients From Start To Finish

If you are calling our law firm, chances are you are in some sort of crisis. Legal matters often cause disruptions and great concern. We resolve cases as efficiently and quickly as possible without compromising our reputation in the judicial and legal communities, working directly with clients to succeed while keeping a low overhead.

We provide results with personal attention. Ms. Hendrix walks into court fully prepared and an expert on you and your case. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with legal advice to comfort you and your family. Ms. Hendrix reviews cases and answers questions during consultations at no cost.

We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and review the facts of your legal matter during a consultation. Call 404-590-3334 or email us to schedule an appointment.